Selenite Heart Bowl

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Selenite is a sacred and powerful stone used to purify a space of negative energy and help remove stagnant blockages. The beautiful translucent nature of the stone represents a connection to the angelic realms drawing in purity and light. Selenite calms emotions and activates the higher chakra by awakening your spiritual gifts and raising your vibrations. 

Use this bowl to cleanse and charge your crystals and jewelry. Selenite amplifies the energies of other stones when placed upon it. Simply place your jewelry or other stones in the dish and leave them overnight or for a minimum of 1 hour to cleanse, clear and charge. 

Dimensions: 4in x 4in x 1in

*All dimensions are approximate due to the nature of the stone

*Selenite is a softer stone so the outer rim may have some natural markings

*Contents are not included