Health & Rejuvenation Kit

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The personalized experience that this kit offers is why we love it so much! Place your sage or palo santo on the abalone shell while it burns to catch the ashes. If you are looking to direct healing toward an object or part of the body, use the feather to direct the smoke, or include the crystals into your process for specific intentions. To continue your experience on the go, slide on the chakra bracelet for all day alignment. 

Intended use: Take the time to think about why wellness is missing from your life. This can be the loss of a loved one, a new job, stress from school or work, family problems- whatever it is be specific and practice with the items in this kit to achieve improved health and balance

Contents: palo santo, sage, crystals, abalone shell with wooden stand, feather and chakra bracelet

Stand Height: 3-4"

Looking for tips on how to burn sage? Check out our guide to smudging!