Faceted Chevron Amethyst Bracelet

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This bracelet is crafted using high quality faceted amethyst stones. The amethyst stone is one of protection and purification. Use this bracelet as a way to shield low, negative energy throughout the day and look good while doing it! 

This combines the metaphysical prosperities of quartz and the healing properties of amethyst. This bracelet can also help boost the immune system, gain wisdom, peace of mind, serenity and promotes relaxation and self-discovery. 

Create a protective sphere around yourself with this bracelet and allow the soothing quality of the stone to assist in kicking bad habits and addictions.

When you need relaxation, touch your bracelet and remind yourself to take a deep breath. This variation of our amethyst bracelet features faceted 10mm amethyst beads. 

Stone: Amethyst

Bead size: 10mm

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