Elephant Talisman for Protective Energy

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This decorative hanging elephant triage with blue eyes helps protect from negative energy by bringing in positive energy and good luck. 

Elephants have always been a revered symbol of good luck, strength and the remover of obstacles. They are also said to be spirit guides able to guide us along journeys of personal growth to discover personal power.

This talisman also features evil eye protection from negativity caused by jealousy, misfortune, bad luck or injury. Buy one for yourself and one for your loved ones to keep those around you safe from “evil eyes”. The evil eye is a curse or legend originating in Ancient Greece which said that a malevolent glare from someone who means to do you harm can cause misfortune to befall you. Therefore, evil eye talismans and amulets were created to protect the wearer from “evil eyes.” Many cultures across the world have since adopted this powerful talisman.

Be patient and kind to yourself and keep this talisman close by.

Size: 3 Elephants, 10"