Citrine Cluster One-of-a-Kind #1

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This is a unique citrine cluster curated by Kanta. Only one available.

Citrine crystals are known as potent healing crystals which aid in manifestation, abundance and prosperity when combined with the power of affirmations. Citrine is known as the "Merchant's Stone" due to its ability to attract money. Place a citrine cluster in your place of business, cash drawer or wallet to attract financial abundance.

Citrine also helps with decision making when faced with difficult choices. Citrine crystals are associated with the Solar Plexus, "The Seat of the Will." Citrine boosts creativity, stimulates intuition and energizes self-esteem. 

This beautiful yellow-brown quartz crystal has been associated with the healing power of the Sun for centuries. Citrine cannot tolerate negativity, and will burn away misfortune or negative energy by harnessing the healing powers of the Sun. This crystal can also be used for aura clearing and stimulating the body’s own energy healing powers. Consider placing citrine in your space to energize or place citrine by your plants to help them thrive. 

Benefits of Citrine

1. Aid in manifestation, abundance and prosperity 

2. Boosts creativity, stimulates intuition and energizes self-esteem 

3. Balances the Solar Plexus Chakra 

4. Helps with difficult decision making or daily choices 

5. Powerful healing crystal associated with the Sun 

6. Ability to remove negativity and stimulate body's own healing 

7. Charges plant health 

8. Energizes your space

Size: Approximately 4"x2.5", 1lb 8oz

*Color and dimensions may vary due to the natural nature of the stone.