Titanium Quartz for Confidence, Inner Power and Light

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Titanium quartz is a unique and beautiful stone that has many healing properties. This crystal is a type of natural quartz that has been specially treated to bring out a beautiful vibrancy and sheen. The most potent of all coated quartz is titanium quartz. It is also known as the "Flame Aura" or "Rainbow Aura" stone. 


This stone can help you become more confident and self-assured in your passions and projects by energizing you with strength and mental fortitude. It's a beautiful stone that helps to energize you through its natural properties, inspiring you to become more focused and resilient.

The sheen of the stone can bring a lightness into your life in order to dispel any negativity or dark shadows from your past. The stone's vibrant colors can also help to balance your chakras and soothe your system as it encompasses all the colors of the rainbow. 

These are unique clusters that have been handpicked by Kanta. Place this special one-of-a-kind cluster in your home or work space to inspire creativity, resiliency, confidence and light into your life. This is a beautiful gift for yourself or your loved ones. 

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